Accept Bitcoin payments without any third party APIs

Start your own e-commerce store where bitcoins is the currency and enjoy 0% transaction fees.

BTC Store Cart is the easiest way to start selling your products or services for bitcoin. You can have a store up and running within about 10 minutes.

Download v1.1

Receive Bitcoins directly to your Wallet

It's designed to online merchants to easily accept bitcoins directly to their bitcoin address

It is not required to sign up with any third party bitcoin services, or API’s to get the script to work.


With a simple app that integrates with your existing wallet, you can be up & running, and accepting Bitcoin like you would using any Bitcoin wallet. But with full control of your funds and privacy.

Bitcoin rate

Add products and services in USD. BTC rate will be updated automatically on checkout. QR Code will be generated.

Easily Configurable

Update the config.php file with your BTC address, Store Name, website url and more. Customer Registration, Order History, Manage Products or Services.


Our store do not require you to sign up for any service or merchant account in order to accept bitcoin. No other third party needs your information in order to start selling your product.


Our downloadable script is fully editable. No encrypted files or callbacks. If you're a web developer, you'll love how easy it is to start a Bitcoin store for your client.

Bootstrap UI based

Easy css customization and integration with your existing website.


We put a lot of effort in simplicity

You can install our store to your website with our downloadable script. If you don't already have a website, let us handle it.

We provide you with everything you need to get started, as well as provide you with a dedicated support team to help you along the way. We're here to help you be successful.

Live Preview

Get Started. No recurring fees

The clean code allows easy customization and integration on your existing website or blog. Download the source code for a limited time promotional fee.

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* Contact us for Bitcoin Address if you don't want to use coinpayments gateway.

Step-By-Step Installation

  • STEP 1: Extract all files and upload to the root directory of the site you wish to have access to or intend on creating. Create a database and import the file "sql.sql"
  • STEP 2: Open and edit the "config.php file". Also, be sure to update the following defaults as well: database login info, $rootURL, $yourEmail, $adminPW and Bitcoin address $payTo. When finished, access the Administration Area at /admin to manage your store.